Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ohio Gay Cruise Spots

I'm afraid ...

. .. that soon we will understand that, life is wasted with too much superficiality, instead of smiling and seek harmony with people who love us and the next in general, we close like a clam pursuing distrust and resentment for no real reason.
(will be the topics of my third book)
I for one often commit these errors.
I just hope that we can understand before it's "too late", the "secret" at the end everything is there. My "vision" of 2012 (December 20) is a symbolic event, not the end of the world but a VERY STRONG inner change which even now we are asked to be ready without waiting for the possible ' and last time.
Getting to be someone else? According me first of all understand that we are all striving to s individual souls, extremely small particles of a Buddha, so let's call that is above us and smiles. This morning I saw posters around Bologna in the Northern League, like the one attached to this post ... I understand people's concerns, but it's time to guess that we're not in Bologna, we are citizens of Europe and this is just the first step to realize our true nature is spiritual and eternal. Therefore we could start to be a bit 'kinder to animals, eating less ...
are our sisters, our brothers, and perhaps we should stop being cannibals. Our grandparents ate meat every now and were healthy, robust and durable. More than anything else we should learn what my wise old physician Dr. Carlo Marmocchi of Bologna has always taught, and above all by example: frugality. And not only in eating. A lifestyle most "essential", more "zen", it can only make us good. And try not cost anything (anzi!). Finally
be kind with ourselves and with others will make us live more serene (and with fewer burdens "karmosi). I know it's sometimes hard to swallow, nasty bear and turn the other cheek, but in the end by we gain most of all we do not argue: seeing is believing!
Good early spring (March 20, 23:20 hours), Renzo
PS: I repeat, I first I have to do all those stuff that I wrote up there!


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